When Everything Goes Right, but Turns Out Wrong

I meant to write this update yesterday, but after an incident waiting in line to get into Target that involved a call to the police and a 2 hour wait before I was allowed into the store (for my safety), blogging wasn’t exactly a priority.

Week 1 on the Wendie Plan was great. I’ve been really embracing some leaner options lately- especially grilled chicken breast. That, combined with days where I need to eat 5, 6, or even 7 points over my 30 daily points gave me freedom I haven’t experienced in months. I’ve eaten snack mix, popcorn, peanut butter puffs, brownies, and cake during the past week and it’s been wonderful.

The fact that I ended up gaining this week? Less wonderful.

Now, I’m not going to jump to the conclusion that the Wendie Plan didn’t work for me because I had a gain this week. In fact, my first thought was to continue with the same schedule and give it another week.

One week of an experiment isn’t enough to say if it’s going to work or not. After all, I’ve had great losses eating all of my weekly points (and and then some). I’ve also had losses after eating at all-you-can-eat buffets the day before weigh-in.

I started a new workout program last week. I absolutely suck at it. Yet, aside from Friday’s workout, I absolutely loved it. (What can I say? I hate leg days with a burning passion.) In fact, my biggest complaint was that you can’t find dumbbells anywhere and I really need to get heavier weights for some of the moves. There is a very real possibility I will go through another 8 week round when I’m done with this one- especially if I can get new dumbbells within the next 6 weeks.

I stayed within my points, drank a gallon of water, took my vitamins, hit my step goal every day, and worked out 6 days a week (not including going for walks outside). It was a fantastic week.

Yet, I still gained.

And that’s ok.

When I look back at this week, there’s not much I’d go back and change. Sure, there was the one night I basically skipped dinner because family drama prevented me from getting into the kitchen. Yet, even that wasn’t too bad. Instead of skipping dinner entirely or using it as an excuse to eat like a jerk, I grabbed an apple and a Healthy Eating All the Time and Go Bar for the remaining 7sp I had in the day. I still consider that to be a win.

I lost over 5 pounds last week (true, I gained those 5 pounds the week before that).Perhaps my body is just regulating itself.

Maybe my gain was water weight because I’ve recently changed my workout routine and I’m lifting weights 4 times a week.

Perhaps it was just hormones and where I was in my cycle yesterday.

Maybe the Wendie Plan on SmartPoints isn’t right for me- at least not in this season of my life.

Or maybe it’s just one of those weeks where the scale just decides to be a jerk.

It happens. Sometimes, we can’t explain why the scale is behaving the way it does. We have gains when the numbers all point towards a loss. Other times, we’re surprised that we weren’t punished for poor choices. It goes both ways.

I would love to see the scale start to move in the right direction. I’ve been stuck fighting these same few pounds for months. It’s frustrating, and (to be perfectly honest) this is the first time I’ve really dealt with my weight stalling without a clear explanation (usually involving me eating like a jerk). Of course, that could be because this is the longest I’ve ever actually stuck to WW consistently.

At the same time, weight loss was just a desired outcome for the plans I put into place. I was a realistic hope for my experiment, but it wasn’t the only one. I also wanted to find the spark I had when I started back on SmartPoints in September. I wanted to find freedom to enjoy the foods I like so that I don’t go through these binge and restrict cycles. I wanted to learn to love exercise again.

I am making progress towards all of those goals. Those are the ones that really matter at the end of the day. Those are the ones that are going to help me establish lifelong habits and routines so I eventually do hit my goal weight- and stay there.

Maybe the scale will be a little nicer this week. In the meantime, I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing- with one minor adjustment. I’m not officially going to get into intermittent fasting (my work schedule doesn’t really allow for that), but I am working on finishing my food for the day a little earlier. I’m aiming for at least a 12 hour fasting window (which I missed yesterday and will miss again tomorrow), but my main goal is to try to avoid the 9pm dinners. Do I think it’s a miracle cure? No, but it certainly can’t hurt.

Now to start my bedroom light wind-down and curl up in bed with the next chapter of my book before I settle down for the night. 5AM comes way too early- especially when you don’t want to get up.

From the Scales of Lissa Kristine, WW

Finding Balance: Wendie Plan

When I first tried Weight Watchers back in 2009, I was a Points hoader. I ate extra light during the day so I’d have the points left over at the end of the day for dessert. Usually, it was a tall caramel frappuccino with no whipped cream and extra caramel drizzle in the cup paired with a chocolate covered pretzel from the Barnes and Noble cafe or a 100 Calorie pack (my favorites were the Hostess 100 Calorie Strawberry cupcakes or the Oreo Cakesters).

It goes beyond daily hoarding. I also tried to avoid dipping into my weeklies during the week. Instead, I saved everything for Tuesday night. I’d starve myself all day, weigh in around 6pm at my Weight Watchers meeting, and then celebrate or drown my sorrows with a “cheat meal.” It was a very all-or-nothing way of eating; it might be why I never kept the weight off.

I’ve definitely made a lot of progress towards moderation since my first few years of WW with weekly breaks to eat like a jerk. However, I’m not perfect. In fact, these past few weeks have been rough. While I don’t particularly have weekly cheat meals, I did have somewhat of a routine before COVID-19 turned everything upside down. Meals at home were generally pretty healthy. Desserts were occasional and consisted of things like fruit, yogurt, and protein bars. However, meals outside of the house were different. Whether it was a trip to the buffet with my family, lunch after church on Sunday, or a rare dinner out with friends, my rule was basically “anything goes.” Now, unlike in years past, these meals were not free-for-alls. I still tracked my food and made mostly healthy choices. I just didn’t turn down dessert if I really wanted one. It was a good system, and it worked while it was in place.

Obviously, there haven’t been any social gatherings in a while, and I’ll be surprised if any happen by my birthday at the end of June. This has thrown me off course more than I’d like to admit. Usually, allowing myself an outlet for social gatherings was enough to help me get through the week. I often had at least one opportunity a week where I knew I had a chance of having something with real sugar or white flour. Not having that outlet has led to a bit of a struggle with staying on track.

Last year, I spent a couple months following The Wendie Plan while counting PointsPlus values through iTrackBites. I loved it. As someone who often went through binge and hoard cycles with my points, I struggled with learning how to balance how to spend my weeklies. I needed opportunities to have days where I indulged more combined with some structure to keep me from losing control. While it was not without its downsides, the plan worked very well for me.

So, if it worked so well, why did I stop?

Well, there were two main reasons I decided to stop. First, because I simply didn’t need it anymore. I learned how to eat treats in moderation and work them around my lifestyle. Second, was because my schedule was a bit too unpredictable. I changed my high point day from week to week because I often needed it on different on different days. That was fine.The problem is, I rarely knew when my high point day should be in advance. I wanted to save them for social gatherings, but those have always been fairly last-minute. Eventually, it just caused more stress than it was worth.

I think I need that again. While I had a great system going for me from September to March, it obviously isn’t working anymore. I need to learn how to eat at home. I need to learn how to break my food rules and have treats by myself. I just need a little help.

So, I’m giving myself a challenge. Starting Sunday, May 10, 2020, I am going to give the Wendie Plan another go for at least 5 weeks. Since there are no social gatherings (and every day is more or less the same), I can just pick a day for my high point day and be done with it. Now, I’m not sure what that day will be, but I’m leaning towards Saturday even though my weigh in day is Sunday because that’s what it usually was last year. In June, I’ll reevaluate. If NJ is still mostly shut down (we’re Stay at Home for at least 30 more days), I will probably continue for another 5 weeks.

I am currently on the WW Green Plan with 30 daily points and 35 weeklies. I went ahead and decided to calculate what a week would look like if I choose Saturday as my high point day for the week.


We’ll see how this experiment will help me deal with my relationship with food. If it can stop this off and on dieting cycle, then it should be worth it.